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The Numbers

Original Drawing: 210X230(mm)*10, Fine-tip Pen on Cotton Paper
Book: 200X200(mm), Print, Saddle Stitch/ Poster: 594X841(mm)*2

Me Myself (1), Just the Two of Us (2), Attractive (3), Lucky Death (4), The Middle of (5),
Dice (6), Strikingly Lucky (7), Möbius (8), The Last One (9), Nothing but Perfect (0)

In this series of ten illustrations, I envisioned the progression of digits from 1 to 0
as an individual (1) approaching nirvana and perfection (0). I was also invested in the labor intensive
nature of hand illustration techniques. Requiring hours of work per day over four months,
this series was another incarnation of personal ritual towards pursuing a perfect self
in an imperfect world.